Adam Jensen

Here's some in-engine and zbruh renders of Adam Jensen, protagonist of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It was a real pleasure and learning experience to work on him and figure out the puzzle that was his body and augmentations. Square Enix's Visual Works department furnished us with Jensen's head and hair models. Evgenii Fokin handled the surface detailing and textures of the head afterward and Jacque Choi handled the integration and polish of the hair and beard, I produced the rest. Jensen's DXMD suit concept was produced by Frederic Bennett under the supervision of Martin Dubeau as art director and Jonathan Jacques BelletĂȘte as executive art director.

Laura gallagher jensen01
Laura gallagher jensen02
Laura gallagher zgrab11b
Laura gallagher zgrab16b
Laura gallagher zgrab15b
Laura gallagher zgrab14b
Laura gallagher zgrab12b