Mads Mikkelsen study 2 and mini-breakdown

Here's a mini-breakdown of my Mads Mikkelsen study in Toolbag 3.
I loaded pretty high-res meshes in Toolbag as that allowed me to cut down on the number of textures I needed to bake out. I achieved the look of the cloth by using textures created with Substance Designer and the SSS shader of Toolbag, I also tesselated the meshes and used high-frequency height maps to get the fuzzy fiber look. Bigger fibers were created with fibermesh.
Eye textures were also created with Substance Designer, and the iris isn't all that great but it was good enough for the distance I intended to see the head. I added a matte strip of polygons under the upper eyelid with a dark orange gradient to fake a shadow coming from the eyelid. I also added a strip of polygons connecting the eyeballs all around the eyelids and extending into the caruncle zone with a glossy refraction shader to achieve a wet finish.

Laura gallagher final03 8b
Laura gallagher final07 8
Laura gallagher final12
Laura gallagher final15
Laura gallagher final16
Laura gallagher final17
Laura gallagher final18